I Can Do Anything Good

我以为,在六一这个特别的日子里,看这段视频实在是最恰当不过的事情。我们要向小女孩杰西卡学习,学习她奔放的热情和积极向上的生活态度;学习她喜欢一切,坚信一切都能做好的坚定信念——I can do anything good, better, better than anyone! 儿童节快乐!

Look, I can be a shark!
Now, my whole house is great!
I can do anything good!
I like my school!
I like anything!
I like my dad!
I like my cousins!
I like my aunts!
I like my elephants!
I like my mom!
I like my sister!
I like my dad!
I like my hair!
I like my haircuts!
I like my pajamas!
I like my stuff!
I like my room!
I like my whole house!
My whole house is great, I can do anything good!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I can do anything good,
better than anyone, better than anyone.

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